Orgaist MSS Assistant Director  
Ríoghna Curtin Aoife Daly D Dennison  
Sopranos Altos Tenors Bases
Dori Cotter Noreen Cotter Batt Harnett Frank Dennison
Fiona Murphy Ann Maria Dennison Jack Foley Sean Broderick
Margaret Houlihan Erin Cotter Billy Lane Ned Foley
Sile Enright Celine Mc Nally Jim Dennison Francis Foley
Maura O Donnell Carmel Fitzgerald James Dennison John  Collins
Linda Gleeson Cathy Foley James Collins Pat Sheahan
Eileen Mc Auliffe Jackie Quirke John Collins Ciaran Fitzgibbon
Kathleen Quinn Margaret Riordan Nicky Cotter  
Margaret O Shea Tess Lane Philip Cotter  
Anneke Vrieling Kathleen O Donnell    
Eileen Neligan Clare O Driscoll    

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